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The UWIN Mission

Utah Wildlife in Need is a nonprofit foundation working to help Utah's native wildlife. We focus on at-risk species - those you'd be thrilled to see or hear in the wild - including California condors, river otters, black-footed ferrets, rare songbirds and many more. We want these creatures to thrive in Utah and be here for future generations to enjoy.

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Winning with UWIN

Each year we work with partners on a prioritized list of critical native species projects.  Our efforts focus on scientific research, species conservation and wildlife education. Learn more about our projects and partnerships in 2009.

peopleJoin the Campaign
Utah's native animals are among our greatest natural treasures. We need your help to prevent their loss and to preserve a wildlife legacy for future generations. All donor support stays in Utah and directly benefits our at-risk wildlife. Join the campaign today!

binocularsKnow Your Wildlife
At Utah Wildlife in Need, our top priority is helping 105 native species that are at risk.  Learn more about these unique animals and their habitats.