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Rolex Daytona Gold Dial Replica

Rolex Daytona Gold Dial Replica

This is a verified purchase customer review of a Rolex Daytona replica from

Verified customer Mike said that the watch he received is very light and time accuracy is a joke. Its off more than 5 minutes per day!

From what we see in his photos the watch looks like a cheap replica but considering the $99 price we didn’t expect more.

Mike, Florida
Verified purchase customer feedback.


A cheap fake Rolex Daytona that looks fake even from far away. When you hold it in the hand you feel that its a fake watch even from the weight of it.

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  1. Really poor quality. I don’t think it take worth to buy one.
  2. Mate, you spent $99. How good did you expect it to be? To be fair, that looks preety good for a $99 replica.
  3. There is no point in buying this. The plating was faded in several areas and also the bracelet is horrible.
  4. This Gold Daytona lost all its shine with a few days’ use. Moreover, the needles have also fallen dead. Do not buy people. Sheer waste of resources.

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