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Hello High Quality Replica Watch Enthusiast

I’m Jason and I am a jeweler and a big Swiss replica watch lover. Likewise the rest of the team is completed by jewelers, Swiss replica watch enthusiasts and watchmakers with years of experience working on Swiss watches.

Uwin About

Our Vision

Here at we believe in free speech and our purpose is to provide an unbiased source of information regarding Swiss replica watches for people looking for true answers to their questions, before making a purchase on one of the thousands of websites out there.

We do our best not to censor customers’ postings but on rare occasions a review may be removed because: Conflicts of interest, Second-hand experiences, Personal attacks such as hate speech, bigotry, and lewdness, Relevance, Plagiarism.
Both positive and negative buying experiences can be helpful to other consumers so long as your reviews are true and provide as many of the relevant details as possible.

What We Do

What we do is compare all information’s you give us about a website like order number, contact emails, payments, delivery information’s etc. to our sites database that is updated by our buying experiences and thousands of clients experiences too. This way we can identify a true customer opinion and a fake one. We help people make good and safe decisions on their Swiss replica watch buys so they are not being misled to bad watch quality buys or fraud sites and so be a part of our team and share their experience with the world so it easier and a much more pleasant for everyone to buy their dream Swiss replica watch.

How We Evaluate Data

We use an algorithm that displays to users only the most accurate content by filtering customers’ reviews. Reviews might be filtered because they include:
inaccurate information’s about a website purchase, suspected site-promotion spam (positive reviews), suspected competitor spam (negative reviews), language use, irrelevant content etc. The filter is dynamic and always learning. While we encourage and even require authors to only file truthful reviews, we do not guarantee that all reviews are authentic or accurate.

By using you agree not to, and will not assist, encourage, or enable others to use the Site to:

Watch review process

1 First thing we do is to check and evaluate the communication responsiveness of the replica company that we will place the order. We check email answering time and phone representative availability as well as their knowledge about the product.

2 When we place the order we check all payment options and after we pay we monitor the order processing and delivery system.

3 When we receive the watch we perform a visual comparison of the actual product with the website photos to see if this actual product is used on their website photos.

4 We use an electronic diamond tester to verify that a real sapphire crystal is used and not mineral glass.

5 An electronic gold testing device shows us the amount of gold that covers the steel of the watch and in some cases if the gold layer is too thick then it can even pass as a solid gold watch.

6 Our advanced digital timegrapher shows out the time accuracy of the watch in various positions.

7 We use a precise water resistance tester to measure the watch water resistance level.

8 Our trained jeweler opens the watch case back to inspect the movement.

9 Finally we disassembly all watch parts to evaluate the craftsmanship and the quality of the materials that are used.

Customer and reviews evaluation

1 First thing we do is check the customer IP that is used to place the post to our site. If the IP is from spamming suspicious VPN networks then we do not publish the post.

2 We always ask for a screenshot of the order and the payment and delivery details so we can verify that you actually bought a watch from the website.

3 We may also contact you to send us photos of the watch you received or contact the seller to verify the purchase with the data you provide us.

4 When a replica watch site responds to our emails it shows that:

  • They are engaged.
  • They care about both the customer and the product.
  • They allow new customers to see that they take pride in their product whether positive or negative the review.
  • They care that the customer took time to share their experience with us.