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Rolex Explorer II White Dial Replica

Rolex Explorer II White Dial Replica

This is a verified purchase customer review of a Rolex Explorer II replica from

Verified customer Brian said that the big issue with this watch is the bad time accuracy of +-58 seconds per day. Also the bracelet clasp is very loose and it opens without warning and he almost dropped it a few times. He did the classic mistake to order it with the ETA movement but his jeweler verified that it has an Asian 2813 inside. He should order the $131 automatic version which is exactly the same watch.

From what we see in his photos the watch details are far away from the genuine and you can tell it’s a fake just by looking the faded orange color on the dial print and on the GMT hand.

Brian, London
Verified purchase customer feedback.


Avoid their "Swiss ETA" versions because you will receive a low quality fake with Asian 2813 movement inside.

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  1. This is truly a low quality rolex replica…
  2. This is not at all a clone. It is a low quality watch with a bad Rolex symbol. Believe me, you shouldn’t buy it.

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