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Replica website reviews

Customer Reviews for replica websites

Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches? You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

Once again we find ourselves in the same dilemma. To order same watch 2 times (one with Asian movement and one with «Swiss») or go for the «Swiss» version right away since we know what will happen?

So we ordered their «Swiss 7750» version and guess what? We received a Rolex Daytona white dial with a cheap Asian inside. So buy the $119 version because it’s exactly the same China made watch with an Asian automatic movement and very low build quality that everybody will notice!


Huge collection of Super low quality fake replica watches. Be aware that on many models they use photos of genuine watches and not of their fakes.

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  1. even to those who like the cheap Chinese stuff I think they can find better at their Chinese neighborhood shop
  2. the choice of course is yours but I would not recommend it to you
  3. based on the quality of their copies I would call it quite unreliable I think it would be better to avoid it
  4. I assure you that on this site you will not find anything to satisfy you
  5. Since when a Chinese site sells quality replica? Forget it…
  6. They are not capable to win my trust, i suggst you to avoid them
  7. There is the first time that i see such an expensive Chinese clones they are frauds
  8. I do not have any sympathy for Chinese imitations and that’s why I would recommend you avoid shopping from this site
  9. i cannot say that this site is a reliable place based on my experience, the opposite i would say
  10. Trusting them would be a mistake be cateful with them
  11. totally unreliable website from which I unfortunately bought a clone which inside the week filled with water during my swimming time
  12. If they continue to sell such a low quality watches i don’t think they will have a big future ahead of them.
  13. this website does not have replicas as they are claiming but cheap clones with no. particularly value
  14. i paid enough money for a worthless toy, avoid this website if you want peace on your mind
  15. Chinese quality was never my favorite still i cannot understand how they manage to find customers to pay these money for their worthless clones
  16. I advise you to be very cautious with them, they sent me a totally different watch from that which i’ve ordered
  17. I am a person who I bought too many replica watches in my life and I can say that I know from a quality and non-quality replica I inform you that from this site I would never buy a replica I consider it absolutely unreliable
  18. I think they are very unreliable site because the replica that they sent me was not matching the promising quality and came with a delay of 5 days.
  19. you can buy the same not to say even better copies from any street vendor for $ 20
  20. Clones of no particularly value which people like me who are searching for quality would never think of buying
  21. I think they should increase the quality of their products if they want to have a future.
  22. Since I have been their customer I can prevent you from a certain frustration you are going to get from the watch you’re gonna buy from them if you ignore my advice and order a clone from their collection.
  23. they have a fairly large collection of totally worthless piece of ….. i don’t understand how they’re waiting to sell them
  24. They sell totally worthless clones that doesn’t meet their specs highly overpriced.
  25. they sell extremely cheap and poor quality copies quite overpriced, no reason to deal with them
  26. these guys are selling diamonds Rolex replica 168$ and they claim it has real diamonds on it… can you believe it…
  27. They are using very cheap quality for their watches and because of that they will be out of the market pretty soon.
  28. I don’t think that they deserve your attention they’re just another website selling cheap phoney duplicates.
  29. I received the incorrect watch back in February, sent it back and I have not received my exchange watch. I reside in Australia. I have almost accepted I won’t get my money back, or a watch. Lessons learned from buying from this website. I can only warn others which I will continue to do. Buyer beware!
  30. Don’t bother with them they are nothing worthwhile.
  31. They sell the usual Chinese garbage that I don’t think they can trick anyone
  32. They do not meet the specifications to be credible from the photos on their site you can easily understand that they are cheap copies
  33. I don’t think they can stand the comparison with the other websites that sells replicas
  34. They don’t have something worth buying it, the lack of quality in their products are visible even from their pictures
  35. these are lower quality products and they don’t deserve for the prices they asks
  36. yeah right, only the watch was ok, all the other divisions was something worthy to forget, i don’t know guys i don’t think that i will buy from you again in the near future
  37. I received a faulty watch from this site and upon searching for the customer care number I realised there was no contact number or live chat option available on their behalf. Very irresponsible!
  38. My timepiece stopped working on the second day of this purpose. When I tried to call their customer care centre, there was no response. In fact, they did not grant me a refund or replacement either.
  39. I think they must improve their delivery options. Rest all is good.
  40. I think you should work a little more on your service quality. Watches are okay.
  41. Please avoid this site. Trust me, they will not return your money even if the product is faulty. Suffered a lot with them!
  42. Service quality is very poor. Seems that client satisfaction is not their priority; doing business is.
  43. thanks you, because i am plannig order three watches with this company, but find this comments, take care with other sites, they list several model of watches and once you place the order, have to accept any model they send, not original ordered, because dont stock what they list in their site !!!!!.
  44. Half of the time, this site doesn’t open. Last week, I’ve lost my order while placing it. Since then, tried to contact several times but couldn’t reach you people.
  45. A small suggestion from a disappointed customer. They should improve their site’s navigability. It is very complex indeed.
  46. This site can’t even make a proper working replica of their Swiss counterparts. When I received my package, the product was damaged. Since then I have tried calling and emailing them, but without any reply.
  47. This is a horrible site… I will never buy from them. They take the money and deliver wrong product. After that, you can even exchange the product.
  48. Horrible I must say. My dad got completely bluffed by this site. They don’t have any customer support facility and the products are just pathetic. Do not buy from here.
  49. First when I received the watch, it looked all fine and was working too. Though the box was not there and they did send it to me in some random cardboard box. There was no bill, receipt or any document. I did not complain for the first 10 days because it was working well. Then the watched stopped so I tried to call them and they denied exchanging or refunding saying that there is no such transaction detail. I mean really??? This is a terribly fake site. Never use this.
  50. Fake and forgery!!! Do not make any purchase from them. I had bought a Rolex clone few days ago. Suddenly it stopped working. On contacting they gave assurance but it’s been a week almost and their delivery guy has not turned up. Don’t know what to do.

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