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IWC Pilot Replica

IWC Pilot Replica

This is a verified purchase customer review of an IWC Pilot replica from

The watch crown has fallen off the first week as our friend Marc said and when he went to his jeweler to put it back he found out that the movement inside is an Asian 2813 that costs $10.

We have to admit that the watch quality looks very poor and the dial details are faded of what we see on the customer photo and for this quality he shouldn’t paid over $70 but instead they charged him $519 which is almost 10 times up of the actual watch price.

Marc, New York
Verified purchase customer feedback.


Better get a Seiko because this IWC is falling apart. It looks and is a cheaply made Chinese fake with a 10 dollar 2813 inside.

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  1. Simply garbage!
  2. Hi! This is for all the people who loves to buy classic watch, do not go for this product. This is a really bad one. Overall, it looks old, rusty and the belt is also broken. I am really disappointed with this product.
  3. This is an old and used product that they have sent me. Did not like it at all. Moreover, their return policy is also not very good. This is a waste of money. Take it from me and don’t buy this.
  4. The IWC Pilot Replica is one of the worst watches that I have ever laid my hands on. Just after using it for a week, the winder got dismantled. Moreover, when I asked for a replacement, they denied. Bad product and worse service.

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