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Rolex GMT Master II Replica

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This is a verified purchase customer review of a Rolex GMT Master II replica from

As the verified customer Bill said when he tried to unscrew the crown the crown head broken on the inside base and the whole axle came off and we can see the spring coming out of it. That is unacceptable build quality for a $635 dollars watch.

Then Bill contacted and asked to return the watch and get a refund because he didn’t like the looks and the quality but they told him as we read on their response email “You broke the crown and we can’t refund you for a broken watch. You can send it back for repair thought”. And so he did 9 months ago and he is still waiting to get it back.

This is a bad customer care behavior. Sorry to hear that Bill and we hope at least they return your watch back.

Bill, LA
Verified purchase customer feedback.

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