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Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches?  You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

This website offers a big collection of Swiss brands cheap replica watches with Asian made movements and classic low build quality.

We received the $254 and the $633 versions of the Patek Philippe Nautilus blue dial replica and both came with a Chinese and not Japanese or Swiss movement as they claim.

So if you are looking for a cheap Patek replica buy their cheap  version because it’s the same as their «Swiss» version and avoid their trick to gain more money out of the same cheap watch.  Again the quality is very low and we are not sure if there is any point on buying a Patek at this price range since everybody can tell it’s a fake.


Avoid if you are looking for a Swiss made replica. Even their "Swiss" versions are cheap fake Chinese replicas that you can tell from far away.

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  1. Absolutely nothing here worthwhile buying
  2. avoid it guys, those clones are some of the worst i’ve ever seen
  3. I wouldn’t suggest you to trust them! I’ve faced to many issues with an order that i placed to -+
  4. I’ve found it totally unreliable! Stay away!
  5. awful quality!!!
  6. it’s not a reliable site guys you should stay away I think
  7. those clones doesn’t meet their specs and i know it first hand!
  8. they sell cheap imitations that are not worth the money they are asking for
  9. the poorest quality i’ve ever seen!
  10. this is a site that I would never trust with my money
  11. fake!
  12. unreliable site with fake clones…
  13. It’s definitely not trustable!
  14. hell no! those are totally fake!
  15. just fake!!!
  16. their copies are extremely low quality and I would not advise you to visit their site
  17. I don’t think it’s even worth visiting !
  18. I wouldn’t recommend you trust it…
  19. you better stay away from this site I consider it one of the most unreliable on the web
  20. low quality clones, the worst vfm ratio on the web!!!
  21. don’t expect to be satisfied from this site the quality of their goods are awful

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