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Replica website reviews

Customer Reviews for replica websites

Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches?  You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

This website is well designed with detailed watch photos and specs. We received a Rolex Submariner with blue dial and bezel. The construction is pretty good for a $105 watch but its way below the Swiss replica watch standards.

You can’t fool anyone with this cheap replica but it’s a good choice if you are looking for a Rolex Submariner look watch for your wrist. The movement is an automatic Asian A2813 and the watch details are fairly good for its price point. An honest offer if you are in the market for a cheap Submariner replica watch.


They use photos of genuine watches to make you order and when you receive the watch it will be low quality fake that screams fake from a mile away.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. They sell cheap imitations with excessive prices better avoid any transaction in my opinion
  2. expencive fakes…
  3. The definition of unreliable…
  4. I would advise you to avoid shopping from this site because I do not think it worthwhile
  5. Without many words i suggest you to avoid them
  6. I do not think I would ever buy anything from this website and the reason is that I find it quite unreliable
  7. I would not call them trustworthy the opposite i would say
  8. I do not think they can stand out as a reliable website
  9. in my personal opinion I think it’s better to avoid shopping from this website because it gives me the impression of quite unreliable one
  10. I would advise you to keep your money for something better because their watches are really not worth it
  11. this particular site cost me enough money just to teach me not to trust everyone who sells watches
  12. I would avoid trading with this site since I find it quite unreliable
  13. I advise you to stay away from the specific site that only sorrow has caused me so far
  14. I consider the purchase I have made from this website as one more lesson I learned so next time i’ll be more careful.
  15. My happiness by their replica watch lasted just two weeks since i runned a test on its waterproof ability by puting it inside the lake which is near to my house… That was quite an unpleasant time and i suggest you to avoid them or be prepaired for a dissappointment as great as mine.
  16. This was another site that made me lost my time and money…
  17. Come on guys, you don’t have the money or the brain to make a proper web page without loading issues and you’re offering discount of 80% and you’re expecting from us to consider you as a reliable site…
  18. A bunch of cheap Chinese worthless piece of garbage
  19. if you think you can buy a quality replica at the price they sell theirs… then i think you are mistaken
  20. a friend of mine had bought a clone of them and told me that they were doing a terrible job
  21. Twice I tried to order a watch from them and twice their page got stuck, how they expect to trust them when they are not able to make a proper webpage without loading problems.
  22. my worst experience in replica selling websites was in this web page extremely unreliable with truly inferior quality copies
  23. Only people who have no idea what a quality replica is would be able to trust them.
  24. forget it guys, I bought a watch from them, it is not worth while really
  25. Well guys I must say that I was stupid enough to order a replica from this website and it was completely waste of money. I am pretty disappointed from myself…
  26. it does not work guys it does not download the page
  27. I have the impression they using genuine Rolex photos to sell cheap copies if that’s the case then it’s plane fraud
  28. I like the design of the website but it doesn’t work cannot find the IP
  29. I wonder if they are able to serve customers with this site the only sure thing is that they could not serve me they are worthless
  30. i am pretty disappointed from their products and i cannot recommend them
  31. In the client support services they get a zero rating from me
  32. Such a terrible site! My order has been placed, my money has been paid but the watch has not arrived yet.
  33. Their good will towards the customers is overestimated. I have never received such an optimum service.
  34. You need to train your customer service team on how to behave with clients. Received extremely rude service from your end.
  35. I want to return the watch because the dial is not working. It is very frustrating.
  36. They do not have any waterproof replica. What a waste!
  37. I ordered a Daytona and in turn got a Datejust delivered! Not going to trust this site anyway.
  38. This site is probably fake! I don’t know why they aren’t responding.
  39. I would just give it one single star that too with half heart.
  40. Why is this site even there? It showed an error every time I proceeded to make a payment.
  41. They must improve their customer service. All else is good.
  42. Seems that they are built up on mistakes. Clearly, they don’t check quality of their watches and neither are they serious about their business.
  43. Waste of money! Absolutely bad site.
  44. Don’t be surprised if you cannot track your product after payment. They just do this. I warn you against this pathetic site and their service. I don’t know if I will even get my product or not. They were supposed to deliver it by the previous week, but I still did not get it now. Just horrible experience.
  45. It is not at all a good site.
  46. This is a great site for BUG! Want viruses in your computer or phone? They are giving it for free! And as far as watches are concerned, there is nothing good.
  47. It’s a terrible site with so many issues. The site is down half of the time. Can’t vouch on this.
  48. Poor customer service with low quality watches. Do not avail their service if you want to save your bucks.
  49. Do not purchase. Faulty and damaged products.
  50. In want to share my not so fruitful experience with At the first look, their products seemed to be promising. But after a few weeks use of their Rolex Submariner clone, the polish started accumulating rust. I contacted them for an exchange but was left in vein there as well.

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