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Replica website reviews

Customer Reviews for replica websites

Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches?  You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

This website is well designed with detailed watch photos and specs. We received a Rolex Submariner with blue dial and bezel. The construction is pretty good for a $105 watch but its way below the Swiss replica watch standards.

You can’t fool anyone with this cheap replica but it’s a good choice if you are looking for a Rolex Submariner look watch for your wrist. The movement is an automatic Asian A2813 and the watch details are fairly good for its price point. An honest offer if you are in the market for a cheap Submariner replica watch.


They use photos of genuine watches to make you order and when you receive the watch it will be low quality fake that screams fake from a mile away.

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Customer Reviews

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  1. too many loading issues and not only… avoid it!
  2. my advise is not to trust this site…
  3. its copies are really garbage
  4. Unfortunately I’m wearing on my wrist the proof of their unreliability…
  5. worthless stuff, stay away
  6. awful site and completely untrustworthy
  7. just stay away does not worth your visit
  8. definitely not trustable!
  9. is a site that really can not figure out how it find clients!
  10. avoiding it, would be the best for your interest, trust me
  11. very disappointing site I would not suggest you to visit it
  12. I do not think it is worthwhile to trust…
  13. my visit to this site is an experience I’m trying to forget
  14. Stay away from it, in my opinion is not worth visiting
  15. among the worst sites I’ve ever visited….
  16. I think your visit to such a site is a waste of time
  17. Everything but trustworthy, iwould call it!
  18. their copies are the usual cheap copies that exist almost everywhere I do not think it worth the effort to visit it
  19. unworthy of a visit. Stay away from it
  20. pure waste of time…
  21. Very poor quality!
  22. a site of wasting time
  23. I think this site has nothing worthwhile to offer in the replica market
  24. This is a site that I would not trust so for my purchases! I advise you to do the same
  25. I think you should avoid trading with such unreliable sites as this one
  26. specific site has nothing interesting just inexpensive copies
  27. their watches do not meet site specifications
  28. I have found it truly unreliable!
  29. not recommended by me, its imitations are of very low quality
  30. quality is an unknown word on this site… forget it
  31. I would recommend you avoid any transaction with this site Since I consider it extremely unreliable
  32. is a site that I do not trust and I do not recommend
  33. a completely worthless site…
  34. I would never recommend it!
  35. trust me, is a site that is not worth a visit
  36. Sites like this I do not think they have reason to exist…
  37. It certainly does not deserve our trust! Avoid!
  38. I have not found anything remarkable in this site…
  39. a website without reason to exist! i would never suggest it!
  40. I think you have to Stay away from that site .It doesn’t even know the concept of reliability!
  41. totally unreliable I would advise you not to bother yourselves with it
  42. I would never buy something from this site I find it totally unreliable
  43. I’ll just say NO!!! Avoid it!
  44. I’m really tired of this kind of unreliable sites with these cheap copies
  45. my brother who has bought a replica of them is always speaking of their unreliability
  46. I would recommend it only to people who want to throw away their money
  47. no reliable website I think you have to be very careful with them
  48. I know by fact that their watches are fake so…
  49. I know by fact that their watches are fake so…
  50. Stay away from this site I think it’s a scam

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