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Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches?  You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

First of all be aware that this dealer keeps changing his website name and extension and its hard to keep track of him.

We ordered the same Panerai Luminor Marina model two times. One with the «Japanese Miyota» movement and one with the «Swiss» automatic movement they offer. As expected once again we guessed correct.

They sent us the same watch two times. This Chinese replica watch has a cheap Asian automatic movement and the build quality of the watch is far worst that the photos of their site. So probably they use other photos to promote their low quality replicas. So if you are going for it, then stay on the $250 versions because the «Swiss» ones are exactly the same as the cheap «Japanese» ones.


Bad quality Chinese fakes that will last you a month or two. Better get a hand bag that will last longer.

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  1. Cheap and fake imitations
  2. the way he attempts by changing the domain name demonstrates the unreliability of that website
  3. totally unreliable site with low quality clones and without a future as far as i understand
  4. this is a highly unreliable site i’m warning you to be very careful
  5. they look serious but they’re not really the differences are on the details which they are not capable to stand out as a reliable website would
  6. I really cannot see a reason for someone to pay such a big amount to buy children toys… because in my opinion their clones is exactly that… just toys.
  7. totally unreliable website I would recommend you avoid any transaction with them
  8. this site has only cheap things which surely does not worth their money
  9. I hope everyone understands that this is a really inferior things without any particular value at all.
  10. I wouldn’t even think of buying a watch from such an unreliable website
  11. beautiful site but it does not sell anything of a value
  12. As i see their collection and based on my experience i consider them highly unreliable.
  13. If you’re insist on buying something from them just don’t let it be shoes, i destroyed my feet by wearing their shoes just for a week… My suggestion to you is to stay away from them
  14. From the most unreliable websites in the replica market i would never bought from them.
  15. I suggest you to avoid them if you like to avoid a big disappointment which a purchase from their collection will give you for sure.
  16. When they were operating, they were really serious over the phone and would try to be extremely professional. I received a total of 2 wallets and 1 watch. Louis Vuitton was actually pretty good quality except the card slots have adhesive issues and the wallet is prone to bending. Gucci is not great leather and feels of cheap quality. Rolex with leather band is cheapy but the face itself is pretty good. Overall, at a glance these products can fool anyone.
  17. my sister bought a bag from their collection and regretted it bitterly I hope you do not make the same mistake like her
  18. I think their clones are downgraded from the rest of the clones that are sold on the internet so… bad ratings from me
  19. If you make the mistake and buy something of them you would be highly disappointed and that’s all i can say about them.
  20. 8 out of 10 times that I tried to see their collection their page collapsed or didn’t load. I find it totally unreliable for such purchases.
  21. I have stopped being a victim for a long time now otherwise I would be glad to shop from them
  22. These people are really silly… they have not even managed to make their own website to work right and they try to sell what they call quality copies. Completely unreliable.
  23. this is one of the thousands websites without any valuable thing for sale, don’t take them seriously
  24. they are selling really worthless stuffs and i cannot see how can they be still working
  25. They have the cheapest quality at the highest prices
  26. garbage valley would be the more suitable name for them I have the impression
  27. beautiful site that isn’t working and beautiful products with low-quality material
  28. totally indifferent collection on a site that is not quite functional I do not think it’s worth getting good reviews
  29. When i shopped from then, i remembered the proverb, if it looks like gold it’s not necessarily gold
  30. My opinion is that there are too many other sites that they’re doing a much better job than this one
  31. I was pretty confused from this site, i don’t think that i would be in the mood to visit them again
  32. I faced technical issues when I called them regarding misplacement of my watch. This is intolerable.
  33. The response is very slow. I have almost waited for two months now. This is very frustrating!
  34. Their payment method is quite complicated.
  35. Don’t waste time & money. I bought a beautiful purse and I Happy with that bag, however they scam me in my second purchase, I never received the merchandise and they took the money.
  36. Never steer through this site. The page is stuck almost every day.
  37. Terrible with some very cheap and ugly looking watches and an even terrible customer support team.
  38. This site needs considerable improvement in their delivery section. Rest all is good.
  39. This site screams FAKE and you will get to know this just by looking at its products. All are pictures of taken from real websites.
  40. Trust me; if you are looking to deal with them, then you are sure to lose your valuable bucks to this site. Neither is their payment gateway secure, nor is their customer service. Please avoid guys.
  41. Useless products and useless website! Don’t waste your time and money on this site.
  42. I have had bad experiences with I was very skeptical at first but took a chance and I saw the bad the quality. Bad replica qualify I’ve seen personally. In total I have bought 3 watch. Disappointed with the quality. I’m wondering if is the same company just a different name.
  43. One thing that I would like to point out is their inadequate collection of watches. They need to incorporate more variety in their assemblage.
  44. As far as my last purchase is concerned, I got a faulty watch which was not replaced by them even after calling them up for numerous times.
  45. Delivery system needs much more improvement.
  46. Very disappointed with your service. The man who came down for delivery was so rude for no reason. Moreover, I was expecting better quality of the product.
  47. Just a very bad experience. I would never purchase from here again.
  48. This is so bad….I have wasted more than $1350 and did not get refund even after 35 days. And surprisingly, the customer service does not exist.
  49. A nightmare of an experience is what I had from I mean have you ever seen a watch corrode off its colors within two weeks? Just want to say that I am truly disgusted by their quality. Just hoping that they refund my money now!!!
  50. Men and women out there!!! I strictly recommend not visiting from any chronicker purchase if you are planning on it. Their server is unreliable and hangs halfway through a transaction process.

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