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Is a scam website or a fraud? Will I lose my money on this website? What is the majority of customer reviews and testimonials for What does the buyer’s feedback has to say for watches?  You will find out the truth here on and we are expecting your feedback and opinion on their products after your purchase to share it with the world.

Here is our review:

First of all be aware that this dealer keeps changing his website name and extension and its hard to keep track of him.

We ordered the same Panerai Luminor Marina model two times. One with the «Japanese Miyota» movement and one with the «Swiss» automatic movement they offer. As expected once again we guessed correct.

They sent us the same watch two times. This Chinese replica watch has a cheap Asian automatic movement and the build quality of the watch is far worst that the photos of their site. So probably they use other photos to promote their low quality replicas. So if you are going for it, then stay on the $250 versions because the «Swiss» ones are exactly the same as the cheap «Japanese» ones.


Bad quality Chinese fakes that will last you a month or two. Better get a hand bag that will last longer.

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  1. I would advise you not to make the same mistake as I did and trust this site, you will regret it
  2. I feel that visiting this site is a total waste of time
  3. more of a children toys than replicas… keep your distance from this site
  4. a true valley of fake imitations… stay away
  5. unreliable site! stay away!
  6. the clones they sell have nothing to do with those in the photos of their site!!!! totally unreliable site!!!!
  7. I would not suggest it as a reliable site…
  8. of the most unreliable sites with cheap imitations
  9. sell plastic for leather … these people are joking! stay away!
  10. Their imitations are awful, I do not recommend it
  11. their imitations have the worst quality I’ve ever seen!
  12. I think it would be better to avoid it…
  13. the worst possible quality! avoid!
  14. definitely Not! trusting this place would be a huge mistake, believe me, unfortunately I know…
  15. the quality of their copies is so low that I would describe them as fake
  16. just fake…
  17. very problematic site i would not recommend it
  18. cheap things… practically worthless
  19. I sincerely believe that it is one of the places that is not worth visiting
  20. buying a replica from their collection would be a big mistake i think
  21. has also changed their site to and, so those must be scams too, glad I checked before buying !
  22. not recommended
  23. I personally would never buy a replica from this site
  24. a site with a bunch of plastic counterfeits , totally worthless
  25. Unfortunately I bought a plastic rubbish from their collection and I regretted it, I advise you to avoid it
  26. fake!!!!! stay away!!!
  27. Unfortunately, I know firsthand that their watches are of very low quality
  28. reliability of Chinese type! Thanks, I will not get…
  29. the quality of their counterfeits is really bad
  30. this site Is the worst I’ve ever visited…
  31. I would never suggest it to people who are interested in quality replicas
  32. these people are not professionals and do not know the market
  33. unreliable with loading problems I would not recommend it
  34. the quality of their goods is far below average, I would never buy anything from them
  35. Speaking from my experience, unfortunately, I advise you to stay away from this site
  36. surely unreliable site! stay away!
  37. I think this site does not have anything worthwhile to offer you
  38. I guess there are worse sites than this one though I have not found anyone yet! Avoid it!
  39. is a real good site for someone who likes to throw his money to rubbish
  40. The main features of this site are unreliability and poor quality so…
  41. totally rejected site, based on the quality of its clones
  42. reliability is something that is actually absent from this site
  43. I hope you did not have the misfortune to buy something from this site…
  44. speaking from my experience… I assure you this is a totally unreliable site
  45. I had the misfortune to buy a wallet from this site and I assure you it was crap…
  46. total scam, fake copies sold as quality replica
  47. I do not think a visit to this site would help you find something worthwhile
  48. in my personal view you should avoid shopping from this site I find it extremely unreliable
  49. I recommend that you avoid any transaction with this site. The imitations that it sells are really garbage
  50. just plastic goods totally worthless…

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